Pediatric Doctor´s Visits

Private home visits by a pediatric specialist in Berlin

COVID -19 testing now available on home visit


As consultant pediatrician I offer doctr´s home visits in Berlin. I will come to the place where you and your child need me me to be: In comfort of your home, apartment or hotel.

In addition to the treatment of acutely ill infants and kids, postnatal baby checks (Vorsorgeuntersuchung U2) can also be performed at home.

After my visit, I continue being available for questions and follow up.


According to my personal availability appointments are available throughout the day – also in the evenings, on weekends and holidays. Please also check the booking calender.

Prior to my home visit I will get in touch with you to discuss the case and indication.

You can also text or email your appointment request


Billing is in accordance with the German Medical Index (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte/ GoÄ). 

Normally private german insurance companies will cover the cost whereas public insurance companies will not.

Public insured patients can use my service as self payers. 

The costs of a visit may vary between 120 and 160 Euro depending on factors like case, time and distance.


Home visit by an experienced specialist for child and youth medicine

I have been working as a consultant pediatrician in ambulatory care for many years. And having trained in Australia I feel comfortable conducting the visit in English.  

Examination in the familiar setting of your home

During the home visits I can examine your child in its familiar surroundings. 

Thorough examination and consultation

No rush and no pressure from a packed waiting room. I have all the time that is needed to examine your child thoroughly and answer all your questions.

Evidenzbasierte Therapie

My recommendations and therapy plans are based on evidence and latest national and international guidelines

Prescriptions and certifications

You will receive necessary prescriptions and certification as sick notes during the home visit

Follow up by telemedicine

After the home visit I can be contacted for further questions and follow up- by phone or video call

Newborn and baby check (U2)

By appointment, the babycheck U2 can be performed during home visits (Vorsorgeuntersuchung). Postnatal oxygen saturation and newborn screening (blood test) can also be done

Now available: Covid 19 Testing

Swabs for lab-PCR as well as rapid on spot and/or rapid antigen and antibody testing can be performed.

Availability &

You can use this online tool to book your appointment online.

After receiving your booking request I will call you to plan further action and confirm your appointment.

Othewise you can also call 0170 30 90 011 for booking.


About me

I attended medical school in Kiel and Hamburg and relocated to Berlin in 2006 for my junior position at the Department of Pediatric Cardiology / German Heart Institute Berlin. This is where I started my professional training as a pediatrician taking me to various hospitals in Berlin and overseas. 

From 2011 to 2012 I was appointed Pediatric Cardiology Fellow at the renowned Monash Heart /Monash Medical Center in Melbourne and had the honor to work with some of the most experienced pediatricians and pediatric cardiologists in Australia. Following this, I continued my training as a NICU-trainee at the Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg/Melbourne.

Until the beginning of 2020, I worked as an employed pediatrician in a large pediatric clinic in Berlin/Prenzlauer Berg.

Inspired by the revolutionary developments in e-health I launched my own start-up project in March 2020. It is Germany´s first specialized pediatric online consulting platform. 

But being a pediatrician I definitely miss the offline work with kids and parents. That´s why I continue to offer private home visits. 

Frequent asked questions

Normally cost will be covered by your german private insurance company. If any doubt check with your company prior to my visit. Different conditions may also apply to international private insurance companies. If in doubt please check with your insurance.

Unfortunately not

The statutory health insurance companies do not reimburse the costs of private home visits.

SURE you can!

You can use my service as a self payer.

I do bill in accordance with the German Medical Index (GoÄ)

After the home visit you will usually receive an invoice within a few days.

In some cases (hotel, vacation apartment, transit, etc.) payment on site is necessary. This can preferably be done by EC or credit card.

During business hours I offer visits within the Berlin S-Bahn-Ring (see map). In the evenings and on weekends visits to more peripheral parts of  Berlin are feasable.

Many conditions can be managed at home: 

  • fever
  • pain
  • coughing and upper airway infections
  • otitis
  • gastroenteritis
  • skin rashes
  • pharyngitis
  • minor wounds, removal of foreign bodies and burns/scalding

I will call you prior to my home visit for initial assessment by phone.

For some diseases a home visit is not advisable. Therefore, before each home visit, a telephone call is made to assess the situation in advance.

  • Acute emergencies with seriously ill children (please dial 112 if you believe your child is in acute danger)
  • Major wounds and burns
  • Non-responsive children
  • Newborns with fever and unwillingness to drink

In these cases, presentation to the nearest pediatric emergency department is recommended.

Yes, the U2 can be performed at home (day 2-9 of life) Also newborn screening and saturation screening can be done at home.

Hear testing (OAE) however must be done with your local ENT.

Yes- I do !

Having trained in Australia I feel comfortable speaking to you in english during my homevist.

Eu também falo portugues !

Swabs for COVID 19 PCR testing as well as rapid antigen test and antibody tests can be done during home visits. The samples are then analyzed in the laboratory by PCR. Depending on the laboratory workload, the results are usually within 24-36h

For private patients with the corresponding indication, the insurance usually covers the costs.

Without indication as well as for publicly insured/self-paying patients, the laboratory service must be covered in addition to the costs of the home visit. The laboratory costs forPCR testing are about 140 Euro/test

Regardless of the insured status and indication, the billing of laboratory services is handled directly by the laboratory.